When evaluating any FTZ inventory control system, a company should consider the specific requirements of all applicable government agencies, the required interaction with these agencies, and how a system interacts with existing company systems. A compliant inventory control system should contain the following data:

• Unique Identification Number (sku or part number)
• Description
• Annual Balance Information by Status (Foreign, Domestic, Total)
• Foreign Trade Zone Status
• Customs Form 214 Number
• Internal Tracking Number
• Date Admitted
• Country of Origin
• Unit Value
• Harbor Maintenance Indicator
• Vessel Name
• Export Date
• Export Port
• Bill of Lading
• Import Date
• Unlading Port
• Customs Form 7512 Document Number
• Customs Form 7512 Date
• Customs Form 7512 Port
• Purchase Order Data
• Weight
• Customs Transaction Number and Date
• Entry Reference Number
• Entry Release Date

In addition, when Foreign-Trade Zone merchandise is removed from the Zone, the system must be able to relate the merchandise removed back to the Customs form 214 on which it was admitted to the zone. The following information must be included in the system:

• Specific Customs Form 214 the merchandise was admitted on
• Overall Value
• Value of the foreign content in the merchandise
• Country of Origin of the foreign status parts/material in the merchandise
• Zone status of all parts/material in the merchandise
• Duty Rate of every part/material in the merchandise
• Harmonized Number of every part/material incorporated in the merchandise

In addition, there are two reports that must be produced annually: the Annual Reconciliation for U.S. Customs and the Annual Report to the Foreign-Trade Zones Board.
The Annual Reconciliation for U.S. Customs must contain the following information:

• A description of the merchandise for each part number
• Quantity on hand at the beginning of the year
• Quantity on hand at the end of the year
• Cumulative receipts and transfers by part number
• Quantity on hand at the end of the year
• Negative and positive adjustments during the year

The Annual Report for the Foreign-Trade Zones Board must contain the following:

• The value of merchandise forwarded into the U.S. market
• The value of merchandise forwarded to foreign countries
• The value of merchandise forwarded to other Foreign-Trade Zones
• The five main foreign status items received at the zone, classified by value

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