Zone Schedule Checklist
Foreign-Trade Zones Board

Before drafting your zone schedule, read the requirements of FTZ regulations (15 CFR §400.42).

Your zone schedule must include the following information:

  • The schedule must be made publicly available at the offices of the zone grantee and the zone operator(s).
  • The schedule must be up to date.
  • The schedule must explain all the policies of the zone grantee and the operator(s).
  • The schedule must specifically explain the policies regarding the operator(s) and access to the zone’s site(s) and services.

Rates and Charges

  • The schedule must describe the rates and charges collected by the grantee.
  • The schedule must describe the rates and charges collected by each operator or any other party.
  • The rates and charges must cover all fees for access to a zone site, including warehousing charges.
  • The schedule must cover subzone fees.
  • Fees must be reasonable and uniformly applied under like conditions (each site, building, or operator could be a different condition).
  • There must be uniform treatment under like conditions with respect to all zone policies.
  • Individual companies acting as an operator within a general-purpose zone site for their private use should be listed and those circumstances explained.
  • The schedule must designate a grantee contact person who can discuss and explain matters involving the zone schedule or any matter relating to zone fees or zone access.

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